Open Source Agile Story Mapping app

Exothermic.dev is a personal project I created.

The idea for the application came from the Agile exercise known as Story Mapping, my team at work had done this in a very traditional way with stickynotes on a whiteboard. While this works, it makes it hard to keep the information and conversations history, along with allowing remote peers to partake in the exercise.

With that I took the foundation I had already built for Thunderdome.dev as a starting point. This would allow me to focus focus on the unique features of the application, rather than the common parts like user registration and websocket sessions. I designed the primary flow to be a Storyboard (session) with Goals (sets of stories) organized into columns. The interesting UI problem to solve was the drag and drop aspect of moving stories around in columns and goals, for this I ended up using an open source library called Dragula which provided a smooth experience and was fairly easy to integrate into the Svelte UI.

This project is in its infancy, but I hope to build it out much like I did Thunderdome and hopefully other people will find it useful for their teams as well.

exothermic.dev Storyboard Page Screenshot circa 2020