About Me

Software Engineer

Hello, my name is Steven Weathers as you should already know by now

First foray into computer programming

During my teenage years I got my start in computer progrmaming thanks to video games. It began with small modifications to gain advantage or access to features in ways not originally intended. From there the desire to create websites for our gaming teams helped drive my hunger to learn, with technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript I was able to develop small websites with static pages that linked with a forum engine like PHPBB helped the teams thrive in the gaming community. As a way to formally enhance my skillset I enrolled in an adult tradeschool’s classes; these included Computer Hardware, Networking, Graphic Design, Animation, and Web Technologies.

Community College and Freelancing

After graduating from high school I started to take on some freelance projects by finding small businesses that could benefit from a new website or enhancing their current website. This would help me not only continue to sharpen my skills but also help me earn some money while I started community college at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. I took courses in Web Design, Web Programming, Graphics Design, Computer Networking, SQL Database. During this time I also joined a video game project team as a Web Developer and Administrator. Working with the Graphics Designer I completely re-wrote the website in PHP, integrating with PHPBB Forum to display latest post titles and other useful information throughout the other pages of the website. I also joined a PHP open source project called QCubed as a Frontend Developer for the marketing and documentation website.


Miller Davis Agency [Frontend Developer from April 2010 - August 2011]

After a couple semesters in community college I got offered a job at Miller Davis Agency, a local marketing and print firm in Salisbury North Carolina. My title was Frontend Developer, with my responsibilities ranging from transforming photoshop designs into HTML, CSS and Javascript code, to building dynamic web applications within a Content Management System called Kentico. In my tenure at the agency I developed over 300 websites, ranging from small marketing content to ecommerce sites. As I reached what I felt was the peak of my career with the agency I accepted an offer from Lowe’s Home Improvement to be a Frontend Developer on the Lowes.com team.

Golden Gait Trailers [Freelance from October 2011 - Jan 2016]

  • Developer using HTML(5), CSS(3), LESS CSS pre-processor, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL.
  • Redesigned User Interface to be responsive mobile first scaling to large screen desktop.
  • Rebuilt website to be Model/View/Controller (MVC) PHP driven using CodeIgniter to allow for site stability, performance, and faster development.
  • Successfully moved website from old shared web host to a new Ubuntu VPS web host bringing 7-8 second load times on DSL down to 3-4 seconds, while increasing site stability and future proofing.
  • Testing on iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 3, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 done with Adobe Edge Inspect, along with BrowserStack for Internet Explorer 7-10.
  • Setup Jenkins CI, Local & Testing Environments, and GitHub private repository to help establish a workflow, increase development speed and improve stability of website.

Lowes.com [Software Engineer from August 2011 - July 2017]

  • Tech Lead on Lowes.com redesign project post go-live, helping developers triage defects and making enhancements that were deferred during project development.
  • Tech Lead on a project to launch a re-platform of Lowes.com user login and registration pages from Java (WebSphere Commerce) to Node.js application consuming Java API services to support the creation of a Military Validation experience for customers to register as military (active or veteran) to receive a discount. Worked with Business Analysts, QA Leads, and Product Owners to prepare stories for agile team consumption. Provided technical designs, high level estimates, prioritization of stories to coordinate with service team, and assign stories and defects to developers.
  • Tech Lead on a project to re-platform the cart and checkout experiences of LowesForPros.com from .net/C# to Node.js consuming Java (WebSphere Commerce) API services. Worked with Business Analysts, QA Leads, and Product Owners to prepare stories for agile team consumption. Provided technical designs, high level estimates, prioritization of stories to coordinate with service teams, and assign stories and defects to developers.
  • Interviewed candidates for Vendor/Contractor and full-time positions from a technical perspective.

Bank of America [VP Lead Consultant Tech App Engineer from July 2017 - September 2021]

  • Sr Engineer on an agile team building tools that provide capabilities for other teams to deliver Bank of America's online experiences.
  • Technologies include but not limited to Node.js, React, MySQL, Redis, Swagger, and Git.

2U Inc. [Software Engineer III from September 2021 - Present]

  • Software Engineer III working primarily with Go, React, Postgres, Instructure Canvas, and AWS (EKS, RDS, and more).
  • Refactor large monolithic application in effort to separate into discrete services scalable on AWS EKS.
  • Triage production incidents and identify performance bottlenecks collaborating with feature teams.
  • Co-Authored internal Go libraries used by teams to standardize SQL migrations, Logging & Tracing with DataDog, and automate production data fix SQL script execution.
  • Build LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) applications for Internal and End User (Students/Instructors).
Photo of yours truly